Comfort Maintenance Plan

EMS is proud to offer HVAC maintenance agreements to all of our customers. Routine maintenance of your air conditioning and heating system will help ensure it’s longevity and keep your system running as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

Read the information below about our HVAC maintenance agreements and program and our “Comfort Plan” membership.

Comfort Club

As an EMS Comfort Club member you receive:


A. One precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and rejuvenation of your air conditioning system and one Safety Check annually.

B. One precision tune-up, professional cleaning, and rejuvenation of your heating equipment and one Safety Check annually.

1. Lifespan

Your system can last up to twice as long. The annual services you receive as part of your Comfort Club membership can double the life of your Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, or furnace, equipment, using our 34 Point Check program.


2. Save $ & Conserve Energy

Your savings on utility bills can easily pay for the annual service. It’s the closest thing to a guaranteed profit investment. “Residential cooling and heating systems are the #1 user of electricity and gas in America.

3. Breakdown-Free Guarantee

We stand behind our annual maintenance programs. We guarantee that if your system needs repair while you are a Comfort Club member, the diagnostic and safety inspection fee will be waived.

4. Premier Client Rewards

As a Comfort Club member, you enjoy special privileges. If or when you do need service, you immediately go to the front of the line when setting your appointment or needing emergency service.

34-Point Checklist for Air Conditioning and Heating

  1. Check and verify proper start load running amps on compressor
  2. Check and Verify proper Running load amps
  3. Check and verify proper fan motor operation
  4. Verify proper pitch of fan blades
  5. Check compressor contactor for proper electrical operation and physical signs of any burns or pitting
  6. Check and verify of fan contactor for proper operation and physical signs of any burns or pitting
  7. Verify Compressor Capacitor for proper operation
  8. Verify Fan Capacitor for proper operation
  9. Check and verify proper operation of any control boards in the condensing, air-handler, or furnace
  10. Check and verify proper pressures via calibrated manifold gauges
  11. Check for any leaks in all piping and coil on the condensing unit
  12. Check and verify proper wiring of condensing unit
  13. Check and verify proper operation of unit’s outside electrical disconnect
  14. Verify correct high voltage for condensing unit
  15. Verify correct low voltage for condensing unit
  16. Verify proper transformer operation
  17. Verify operation of reversing valve (Heat Pump)
  18. Remove top of condenser and clean coil from the inside out with strong coil cleaner
  19. Clean any debris in and around unit.
  20. Evaluate physical condition of condensing unit (Cabinet, condenser pad, coil, fan guard.)
  21. Check and verify proper thermostat operation
  22. Record temperatures in all registers inside home
  23. Check and verify proper air –flow on inside (Air-Handler) unit
  24. Inspect inside coil for any biological growth
  25. Verify proper operation of fan motor and fan (squirrel cage)
  26. Verify Cleanliness of inside Air-handler
  27. Verify proper drain pan operation
  28. Install pan tabs
  29. Inspect Pentium for cleanliness
  30. Inspect Return for cleanliness
  31. Inspect all duct work joint seals
  32. Inspect duct work insulation
  33. Insect all duct work connections
  34. Inspect entire home attic insulation