Air Conditioning

When it comes to choosing the best company for air conditioning repair, EMS is your premier choice. UV rays 365 days a year will take its toll on just about anything and, your air conditioning unit is no exception. Due to the high summertime temperatures here in Florida, your unit works extra hard to keep your home cool. This strain on your AC unit eventually takes its toll causing;  1) extra wear and tear on mechanical components, and 2 ) increased energy costs. With regularly scheduled maintenance, both repairs and runaway energy costs can be controlled to a minimum. EMS is the top choice when it comes to air conditioning maintenance and repair.

What separates us from other companies?

EMS takes extra care in choosing the best staff and technicians. All our qualified technicians comply with Drug Free Workplace Policy, Safety Standards and Quality Performance Policies. Each employee must pass a drug test, criminal background check and a drivers license verification and check, prior to employment. Through our stringent screening process, we remove any risk by ensuring that our technicians are professional and trustworthy. Your family and or business is in good hands as we continue to choose the best people to represent our company. 

All of our service technicians are trained in a variety of air conditioning system makes and models. We are not partnered to just one brand like so many of our competitors. We stock many of the standard AC repair parts and components that typically wear out over time. If we don’t have the part in stock, we will find it and have it shipped (by over night courier if necessary) directly to our shop or your home and install it the same day it arrives. It’s this type of “no nonsense” service our customer’s expect and appreciate.

Energy Audits Save You Money!

Be sure and ask any one of our representatives about our Energy Audit Analysis. With this evaluation of your home or business, we can determine if you’re using more energy than you should. More often than not, we find that older equipment is the primary source of energy waste. We will show you all the benefits and savings available, if equipment replacement is recommended. 

Maintenance and Replacement

In addition to our great AC repair and replacement service, EMS is also capable of providing your home or business with air conditioning maintenance as well. On a semi-annual basis we will check, test and clean your air conditioning and heating equipment.

The benefits of using EMS for your air conditioning repair needs are numerous. We employ only friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable personnel to represent our company in the best manner possible. We also provide your home or business with the right maintenance program that will keep your equipment running at peak performance, extending the life of your equipment, clean the air and lowering your energy costs.